As always i am confused. And why shouldn’t i .Among the 180million inhabitants of my country who are somehow thought as incompetent and ignorant ,I think of myself a little different from them. And why shouldn’t I think that why when the rest of the lot think the same way too. I am more privileged then the 80% of my fellows. The literacy level I have is shared only by 5% in the country. But still even though no matter how hard I try or if I don’t try at all to be different, I am same like the rest of my countrymen. I am restless yet quiet about what happens around me. I am literate yet I believe in conspiracy theories like all other. And I’m always confused. I ask questions to find the answers. But I get more confused, or rather worse I’m mostly thrashed hardly because of my questions. To me pieces of puzzle don’t form the picture. I want to join them together but no one let them be that way. Why can’t I get confused when I always have to choose among the two things. For some part of population one thing maybe sin, but for the other maybe ritual. I’m stuck in the crossroads of right or wrong, power or people, money or minorities. Why won’t I get confused when I see my own govt. confused upon the killing of osama bin laden as if it’s a victory or defeat. When the sitting govt. ministers blame and thrash their own govt forgetting they are also part of it. When the saviors of our lives starts killing us brutally and mercilessly. When our intelligence agencies couldn’t find out about attacks on military installations but can easily track , kidnap, and kill a man who didn’t have any other weapon apart from his pen. When the divide between rich and poor increase so much that imported cat food starts getting sold at a price which can feed a complete family of 5 . But maybe this place if for cats and dogs to come, sit, enjoy the feast, relax, and walk out.
How I can have peace of mind when I can’t decide whether religion should be my priority or humanity. How can I stay safe when I think of minorities and speak for their rights and I’m thrashed upon with hard words asking for me to fulfill my religious obligations? I am not at all saying that this country or the religion has some problem. I respect and love both. Problem but lies within us. When it becomes hard to distinguish whether Islamic principle of jihad is right or its certain interpretation is wrong. When it becomes a matter of concern that those madrasah’s whose sole objective was to bring peace become the academies of violence. How can you decide whether these schools for those poor souls who otherwise can’t afford education are doing some good for them or bad for the nation. We emphasize giving the poor there rights but we do so by stripping the poorer from their rights. We never give away our own guard to them. We talk of equality in Islam and we should bring that in our life but we don’t let our maid to eat in our utensils. For us religion holds foremost importance but we never try to understand or implement religion. We can kill 1000 of people on the name of Islam but we won’t hold anyone accountable for the name of humanity. To us minorities are untouchables forgetting that Islam and our own state law talks of their rights. We won’t I get dissatisfied when a foreigner kills 3 people and walks out of country without even his passport with him but a man being shot and killed for just allegedly trying to steal . When our jails would be full of numerous innocents but our parliament would be short on them. What should I feel when a Chief justice is reinstated with the hope and desire of getting justice but he just start playing a media circus and nothing more. To this day Supreme court has not took any action in the missing persons case. Where is the justice now? For which Chief justice was thought as the only guardian and savior. We made a lot of hue and cry over the HEC funding issue. I think it was all for nothing and it isn’t required to keep it working. We don’t need education. As for me it’s making us more and more confused. Some other method can we have please?
As always i am confused. And why shouldn’t i .

Are we even have any human sensitivitiy left in us? Is it that all we proclaim of islam all the time just a mask to show off and cash on name of sentiments? Are we just a bunch of selfish self obssesd self absorved and self destructing nation?? or is there anything else too in us ?? well there maybe something good in there too but lets not go there for time being. Because our sins and mistakes are so grave that it will take us ages to clear our past.
We call ourselves sons of soil. How many time have we given sacrifice for the soil?? including me we hardly even got a scratch on the name of this country or nation. But dont we need to give something back? are we even so shameless now that we dont even see the pain and trouble of an old woman selling newspaper daily on a bicycle in lahore. Or are we so dishuman that we going on shopping sprees on our distant cousins marraige and spend so much obscene amount of money from which maybe a poor girl can get married. Are we so blind we cant hear the cries of the mother whose 14 year old girl was raped and murdered and the killers still on loose. Are we stronger then God that if a poor employe asks for his due wages we rape the poor man’s wife and disrobe him of the only thing he had i.e respect. And are we so so unpatriotic and dumb minded that an american kills on our soil and dont even fear the land of law. Why because his govt will save him? or our system is full of flaws? no not at all . Its only because we the people are dead.We are living corpses. We can just eat drink spend nd sleep . We cant think or feel the pain , the suffering or the attachment of human souls. Even dogs are treated better by the people in west then our own race treat there own here .What is it all?? Isnt it all just a pathetic picture of our own self ? from which we have been in denial and keep trying to bury it under the table.
When will we stand up? when will we feel then pain? only when an american would kill our own brother? Only when we lose our legs in a bomb blast? only when will we take revenge if our own wife is abused? only when will we feel agrevated if we are robbed down the street? what religion culture or race do we belong to? I dnt thnk we belong to any religion. I dnt thnk we belong to any human race. I wnt call us animals . Because they too have there pride and prestige in there own tribes. Dnt know what we are. Perhaps my vocablury is limited i may assume.
If we cant see and stand up for an innocent girl. If we cant help a poor lady who daily just eat bread and tea. if we cant take pride in the law we have. If we cant stand up against the oppreser now then when will we? Cant we see a young bride taking up his own life after his husband’s was taken by the american? Still we dont wana stand up ? then when will we?
If the riots and change can come in Tunisia after the suicide of a young man who could not find a job and was barred from selling fruit without a permit then why cant it happen here after so many deaths and killings. If a facebook page in egypt can gather a mass of 40000 where even internet has restrictions we cant we just gather 40 people? if we have an akcent performance it makes a lot of crowd to get at one place why cant the death of 3 persons can?
its time we all ask question to ourselves do we want it know or do we want to wait till we bleed.

The Chairman of Hurriyat Conference (G) Syed Ali Shah Geelani on Monday asked the UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi to accept the ground realities in Kashmir and criticized her for praising soldiers operating in the Valley.

Reacting to Sonia’s recent statement in which she had underscored the need to address the alienation of the new generation in Jammu and Kashmir and pointed towards Pakistan for fomenting trouble, Geelani maintained that the movement of Kashmiris for right to self-determination is indigenous.

“Sonia ji should have been aware about the sufferings of Kashmiris at the hands of force personnel. Kashmir is a human tragedy linked with India. I want to remind Sonia ji that till October 26, 1947 Kashmir was an independent country. However, India violated all the democratic norms and values on October 27, 1947 by making the so-called agreement with a few persons and ordering its soldiers to land in the Valley to make Kashmiris their slaves,” Geelani  said.

Geelani said since then, Kashmiris have been living a miserable life. “Gradually the alienation of Kashmiris increased against India. Instead of Continue Reading »

By Jawwad Khan

During my primary education I got my first introduction to Akbar Allahabadi. He once said that:

یوں قتل کے بچوں سے بدنام نہ ہوتا

افسوس فرعون کو کالج کی نہ سوجھی

This idea might have not crossed the pharaoh’s mind but western civilization learned it very well. This is the reason why they are funding many NGOs to bring a “social revolution” i.e. converting potential die hard enemies into “soft hearted” and “civilized” followers. Social engineering is a good strategy to win the future war and to eliminate the resistance in future turmoil. Because the leader of the west has committed so many crimes against humanity and against Islamic Ummah that it is almost impossible to win the heart and minds through justice. Naturally the better alternate is a social engineering. Make your enemies to speak your language, make them follow your morals and dogma, give them lines to think, books to read, food to eat, dress to wear, and glitters of entertainment to seduce their minds and you find no obstacle against your global ambitions. The essential and key part for the social engineering is to change the syllabus and curriculum. When it comes to change in syllabus, few names comes frequently in mind. Like SDPI Continue Reading »

By Orya Maqbool Jan | Daily Express

By Rubik

“Maam, you are talking about professionalism, speaking professionally, you go to any academy or institution, you don’t get your money back no matter what…..”

“I am not talking about Pakistani but international rules and regulations ….. you should tell parents in advance about this rule that whether the professor or teacher you are providing is capable or not, you won’t get your money back plus you will have to understand his personal problems too, tolerate his late coming and excuses etc….”

“Maam, we live in Pakistan so we should talk about Pakistani system…”

“Yes, and I want to change this system because this is based on injustice….. according to Islamic Shari’ah, we should take responsibility of our actions and failures, we should not create problems for others because of our personal matters and we are not supposed to waste others’ time either….”

“Good, very good, you are right but still… professionally, once you pay, you don’t get your money back, either you request and wait for another tutor or just lose your payment….”

“and what about the services you promise ….. you fail to provide the services, you failed to provide a good tutor now you are supposed to return the amount, you are educated people, when it comes to money, why do you start talking like subzi wala or doodh wala….”

“Maam, please, like you said we are educated people, don’t compare us with third class category….”

“that’s because you are talking like them, once they sell their third class products, they make excuses, they don’t pay you back……you are doing the same thing….what’s the difference between you holding degrees and diplomas and them being illiterate?…..you have to show some difference…..”

This was the conversation between me and an academy owner who three weeks ago sent the best tutor of his academy Continue Reading »

By Dr. Jawwad Khan

Since few days I am reading one of the best book written on black magic, working forces behind sorcery and cure from Quran e Kareem. This fine book is written by Shaikh Waheed Abdussalam Bali and translated in urdu by Hafiz Muhammed Ishaque Zahid.

Those who know the Pakistani society very well, know the fact that sorcery is a common practice in our middle class and lower middle class. It is considered as common man’s weapon against other common and innocent man. Personally I know many victims and culprits. I discovered that most of the time the reason behind this disgusting and anti-Islamic act is one’s inability to see other man (closely related in most of the cases) happy. Few people do it for revenge which comes out just from exchange of harsh words and minor disputes. The widespread practice of hiring some sorcerer for this act make it a profitable business. There are so many so called “bengali bawas” in Karachi enjoying a good and lavish life style and big income through this profession. People do not hesitate to spend thousands of rupees to bring some one down just to satisfy their frustrations. Women are specially involved in great majority. Some want to get rid of mother-in-law or daughter-in-law. Other just want to control their husbands or sons.

I don’t know the future of a society where people can’t see each other happy and do not hesitate to cross the boundaries set by Allah (swt) and Nabi-e-Kareem(saw) and give up their faith by indulging this activity. I found that this books offers a great help for those who are affected by black magic and shayateen. Its a wonderful and useful book to share with others.

Online Book: Sharir Jadoogaro Ka Qala Qama Karnay Wali Talwar

Dr. Jawwad Khan blogs at Capricious.


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