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Written by Maulana Altaf Hussein Hali

Recited by Junaid Jamshed.

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Allama Iqbal:

Allama Iqbal

Master the pace upon the soil of your own

The smooth floor of marble may fracture the bone

Do not forget the color of your flag

Prosper you will, otherwise lag.

[Trans: Friends of HamaraPakistan]

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“Iqbal, the Moslem (Muslim) poet from Lahore (Pakistan), said that the great contribution of the West to the East was the scientific attitude, the great contribution of the East being charity or love, as epitomized by Christ and Muhammad, Confucius, and Buddha.

In the West, intellect is the source of life
In the East, Love is the basis of life.
Through Love, Intellect grows acquainted with Reality,
and Intellect gives stability to the work of Love,
Arise and lay the foundations of a new world,
By wedding Intellect to Love.

This is the unfinished business which the brain drain from developing nations is retarding.” (Douglas, 156).

Script taken from Chapter “The Brain Drain and the Developing Nations”

Source: Douglas, William O.  Towards A Global Federalism. New York: New York Universtiy Press, 1968.

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