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By Jawwad Khan

During my primary education I got my first introduction to Akbar Allahabadi. He once said that:

یوں قتل کے بچوں سے بدنام نہ ہوتا

افسوس فرعون کو کالج کی نہ سوجھی

This idea might have not crossed the pharaoh’s mind but western civilization learned it very well. This is the reason why they are funding many NGOs to bring a “social revolution” i.e. converting potential die hard enemies into “soft hearted” and “civilized” followers. Social engineering is a good strategy to win the future war and to eliminate the resistance in future turmoil. Because the leader of the west has committed so many crimes against humanity and against Islamic Ummah that it is almost impossible to win the heart and minds through justice. Naturally the better alternate is a social engineering. Make your enemies to speak your language, make them follow your morals and dogma, give them lines to think, books to read, food to eat, dress to wear, and glitters of entertainment to seduce their minds and you find no obstacle against your global ambitions. The essential and key part for the social engineering is to change the syllabus and curriculum. When it comes to change in syllabus, few names comes frequently in mind. Like SDPI (more…)

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