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By Dr. Jawwad Khan

Since few days I am reading one of the best book written on black magic, working forces behind sorcery and cure from Quran e Kareem. This fine book is written by Shaikh Waheed Abdussalam Bali and translated in urdu by Hafiz Muhammed Ishaque Zahid.

Those who know the Pakistani society very well, know the fact that sorcery is a common practice in our middle class and lower middle class. It is considered as common man’s weapon against other common and innocent man. Personally I know many victims and culprits. I discovered that most of the time the reason behind this disgusting and anti-Islamic act is one’s inability to see other man (closely related in most of the cases) happy. Few people do it for revenge which comes out just from exchange of harsh words and minor disputes. The widespread practice of hiring some sorcerer for this act make it a profitable business. There are so many so called “bengali bawas” in Karachi enjoying a good and lavish life style and big income through this profession. People do not hesitate to spend thousands of rupees to bring some one down just to satisfy their frustrations. Women are specially involved in great majority. Some want to get rid of mother-in-law or daughter-in-law. Other just want to control their husbands or sons.

I don’t know the future of a society where people can’t see each other happy and do not hesitate to cross the boundaries set by Allah (swt) and Nabi-e-Kareem(saw) and give up their faith by indulging this activity. I found that this books offers a great help for those who are affected by black magic and shayateen. Its a wonderful and useful book to share with others.

Online Book: Sharir Jadoogaro Ka Qala Qama Karnay Wali Talwar

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